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Information about the calculator

We sit down too much.

Unfortunately, this is a growing trend in our knowledge society, where we are spending more and more time in front of our computer.

At Ergopartner, we work hard every day to bring the sedentary work to life. Through our work with office ergonomics, we now have many good tools to get more movement into the working day.

It is good for us to be on the move.

Behind a desk, though, it can be difficult. But it is certainly possible.
To start with, we can start using our raising / lowering table a little more often. Many of us have one, but 80% forget to use it.

When we get up, there is more momentum in the bloodstream. Our digestion improves.

Our body is more active than when we sit down. And then we burn more calories when we get up. If you want to read more about how getting up and working can reduce your risk of illness, you can click here.

In order to be able to determine how many calories you burn during standing work, we have taken as our starting point studies from the University of Aarhus, which you can read more about here.

In our model above, you can enter your information and quickly get an overview of how much you actually burn during a working day.

Once you have the result, you can then choose to either just enjoy the extra calories burned, or you can treat yourself to some of the delicacies we have converted the calories burned into.

For this, we have used calculations from the DTU Food Institutes table, where you can enter all foods. You will find that table right here.